So, today was interesting-ish. My group had to join up with another group in my physics lab. Since we only ever join one other group, that’s always fun. And of course, Spanish is ALWAYS awesome. Something different: today was Xxxxxxxx (no, that’s not the real name), so guys were able to come onto the girl’s floor if accompanied by a host. That was just my day. Nothing really interesting happened. But there is something today that connects with Wisdom. I do devotions through Youversion – aka plans – and I’ve been doing one on wisdom. This particular devotion has an attached video, and this video (series, one for each day of the devotion) follows a young girl as her parents leave her and her brother home alone for the first time. Quick note: I am only on day 2 of the 4-day devotion, but I watched the whole series today. One of the (very few) rules her mom lays down is no friends over. Can you guess what happens? Yep. The parents leave the house, the friend comes over, and it doesn’t take much convincing for the girl to let her friend in. And, predictably, a series of worsening disasters occurs. Neighbor’s special statue broken, wedding gift vase broken, class guinea pig let loose, brother’s weeks-long project ruined…and through it all, this friends mantra is “Oops, my bad”. The thing is, as all of this occurs the brother TRIES to get his sister to kick her friend out. But even as all these things happen – even as the friend continues to make bad choices, lead her in bad choices, and make a mess of EVERYTHING – still the girl doesn’t kick her friend out. She says “we can fix this” and she gets upset at a couple points, but the friend is always able to worm her way into staying just a little longer…until she hears the parents will be home in less than an hour, of course. And through it all, I’m thinking What? What is this girl thinking? She can see this happening. She knows what – or more specifically who – is causing this. Her brother is pressuring her to do the right thing. She KNOWS what the right thing is. What is she doing? I urge you to read Proverbs 2. It talks extensively about wisdom, but let me give you a summary. Wisdom will give you:

  • Victory
  • Protection
  • Rescue

Wisdom will give you victory over your enemies. Wisdom will protect you. And wisdom will rescue you. Isn’t that awesome? Think about it. Wisdom will let you destroy your enemies. It will keep you from bad situations. And if you get in a bad situation, it will get you out! If this girl had applied wisdom, she never would have let her friend in. But she did. Okay. So now, if she’d apply it, there were so many opportunities to fix it and kick her friend out and call her parents to admit her mistake. Did I mention her mom called her at least three times? She lied to her mom on two occasions. The third one she didn’t accept the call. Wisdom keeps us from making mistakes and helps us solve them, but only if we apply it. Honesty is a part of wisdom, too. It is not wise to lie to your parents, especially if you’re doing something wrong. It is not wise to lie to your spouse, especially if you messed up. It is never wise to lie to God. Let me give you a hint: you can’t. Some people still try it. Wisdom serves (according to my Bible) as a roadmap. It directs you. So where does wisdom come from? God. Proverbs 2:6, “For the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding”. God gives us wisdom. We just need to apply it.


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