Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while (I say a while, it’s only been a couple of days). I need to make this brief. So, I didn’t post Monday or Tuesday because life and my bad memory kicked in (sorry). Guess what happened today? I found out – surprise! – that I have a physics test tomorrow! I heard the teacher say it, but apparently it never sunk in my brain. My first thought was shoot. My second thought was Lord, help me. I used to pray about tests a lot. At some point I must have stopped, I don’t know why. Now I’m trying to get back into it. Someone told me one time “We pray on tests, but why? It’s not like God is going to help you remember something you didn’t even pay attention to.” While that’s true to an extent, I firmly believe that God can and will bring a memory to mind or make it more clear – or, if nothing else, calm us down so we can remember. Someone asked why we ask God to bless our food – it’s not like he’ll increase the nutritional value. Maybe, maybe not. He did that for Daniel, didn’t he? Maybe he just helps things run smoother, but I definitely believe that he works on small things in our daily lives more than we know. So I’ll keep praying, ’cause I kinda need a B on that test. And I believe that God will help me. Oh – and did I mention that I have finals next week?


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