Hey guys! I’ll make this brief. When was the last time you took a step back and looked at your life? Especially when it feels hard and uncertain? I was thinking about this today. My brother was in the hospital over Christmas break. He had 6 surgeries in as many weeks. My parents were stressed. My other brother hates doing homework (surprise surprise) and the workload for my family went up because of the hospital stay. But this morning? I started thinking. During prayer requests, people were praying for all sorts of things. Cancer, broken families, stress…my brother was in the hospital, but he’s not about to die. My family has issues, but I know I can always count on them if I need them because we all love each other. Even the little stuff – I have a DS, a tablet, a smartphone. My family has a nice TV. We’ve had 2 Xbox’s, one of which just broke recently. Right before it broke? We got a working Wii & 3 games for $50. We have two laptops and my mom has an IPod. My dad had a tablet before it broke. We have unlimited WiFi. And thinking about it, there are times where in retrospect I can SEE God providing for us so we’d have food & clothing. I have a friend who’s really more of a sister. And you know what? As I’m typing this I’m sitting in my dorm at one of the top high schools in the US!

My family has been so blessed.
I have been so blessed.

Now, I really just want to pray for those who need blessing. Those who have broken families. Those who have no materialistic things. Those who are absolutely exhausted with life. I want to pray for them because I have more than enough. My cup overflows. If you ignore your troubles right now, if you take a step back…does yours? Is it REALLY that empty?


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