Basic Blog Business

So, this page operates as both an about me and just stuff about the blog itself. I’m a teen who IS out of high school yet! I am NOW going to college (woop woop!) My dad has been my mentor most of my life – just figured that out recently – and I have a special needs brother. I’m pretty reserved and used to be really antisocial, but my parents have kinda forced me out of that one. I’m still not convinced that that’s good.

I post when I have something to say, which is often months apart. Sorry?

I’m really bad at making friends and my “group” of friends consists of a sister, a good christian friend, and three other friends, but my definition of “friend” is also a little wacky. I was bullied in elementary school (yes the school was christian) and moved to a public school for 5th grade. I thrived at the public school and loved it. My sophomore year of high school I got an invitation letter to come to my graduating high school, a residential high school that was very college-prep. I felt like I needed to do some growing, and I ended up going here (I’m still not sure if what I felt was the Lord or me, but I think it was the right decision).

I may be introverted, but I do enjoy spending time with people once I’m actually close to them. I love the outdoors and animals (especially horses, dogs, dolphins, and jaguars) and my family is REALLY weird – in a good way. We tease each other mercilessly. I like coffee and reading, and my favorite color is green. I enjoy horseback riding when we have the money (a.k.a almost never) and hope to be a veterinarian or animal scientist or ecologist when I’m – oh my! – older. I have a very dry sense of humor that I get from my dad, so if something sounds weird it was probably a joke. Umm…I guess that’s all, so…feel free to message me! Ciao!