Big Bang Theory

Hey! Another post so soon, yay! (Or so I’m sure you’re all saying). Well, guess where I was this morning? That’s right, Physics class! We had a Fun Physics Thursday (usually we have fun Physics Fridays every other week or so, where all we do is watch Bill Nye videos) and we watched a video (not Bill Nye) about the Magnetic field surrounding the Earth.

The first thing that caught my attention was when they described the magnetic field, how it comes out from the South pole, surrounds the earth (blocking solar winds from the sun) before going into the North Pole. Then, as the video continued, they started digging deeper. They described how clay has magnetic particles that hold magnetic fields pointed all different directions, but when fired, the magnetic fields are erased by the heat and when it’s taken out they attain new magnetic fields that align with the direction of the Earth’s magnetic field and record the intensity of said field. They described how lava does the same thing when it cools, recording magnetic information from the Earth. They described how scientists learned that the magnetic field has switched directions many times in the past, and how it might again very soon. They described how dangerous solar winds could/can be. They spoke about how part of what is generating the magnetic field (they think)) is an amazing cycle of electricity through the earth’s core, that produces the field, which produces more electricity, and so on so forth in an endless cycle. They went into all of this detail, and all I could think was, How amazing is our God.

How amazing that he would come up with such a system to protect us. How amazing that he could and would create something with so much power like our sun, or like stars exploding millions of light years away. How amazing that he would create so small a detail like magnetic fields in clay for us to discover later. People occasionally talk about how amazing He is for creating the plants and animals, but let’s think bigger…and smaller. There are 950,000 known species of bugs, 7.77 million known species of animals, 298,000 known species of plants, and 3 VERY basic types of rocks. In all of those, there are a shocking amount of cells, and each particle of cell is made up of innumerable atoms, which contains even smaller particles like electrons…and for all we know, THOSE could be made up of a huge number of smaller particles. All of these exist on one planet out of nine in our solar system, which exists on just one little branch of a galaxy we call the milky way. This galaxy contains between 200 to 400 billion stars and 100 billion planets. Scientists can only estimate that there are over 100 billion galaxies…and that just by counting galaxies in a particular region and multiplying that by an estimated number of regions. And we can measure atoms, we can see galaxies. And ONE GOD not only created all of this, but gave us the ability to (eventually) see these things ourselves. And who knows what we’ll discover in the future? The world is only about 6,000 years old. Let me say it again.


One more thing (about the title of this blog post). The most popular theory about the creation of the universe is the Big Bang Theory. How do you think the universe would react when God commanded it to be? And if anyone asks? Yeah, I believe in the Big Bang Theory. God spoke and bang! it happened. Anyways, have fun chewing over all that! Ciao!