Queens and Kings

Okay, so I gotta type this quick (I’m in-between classes and I still have to pack to go home). So (some of you will know this from my previous posts) I’m a fan of Jaimie Grace aaaaand…she just released her first new song in three years! Party like a Princess is one of the most repetitive songs I have ever heard, but it’s got an amazing message and beat. Go check it out. Anyway. Here’s how the beginning of the song goes:

When I walked into the party everybody just stopped/Even the DJ wasn’t ready, to see me without/A boy who isn’t ready, to be a king/So tell me why would I be chasing him to be his queen/Don’t you know, who my daddy is/Don’t you know, what my daddy did/Don’t you know, who my daddy is/He paid it all, I’m the belle of this ball, so I’m gonna party like a princess…

This is an idea I came across recently (there’s an app called Sprinkle of Jesus that’ll pop out ‘food for thought’ one or two times a day) that said something along the lines of ‘Why are you waiting for someone to treat you like a Queen unless you know how to treat him like a King’. Ignore the horrible grammar in that sentence for a minute. That idea stuck with me.

Isn’t that an absolutely shocking idea? We are told that the girls should be waiting for someone to treat them like a Queen and not settle for someone who will abuse that. But I also want to suggest this – when society slams girls who are super bossy and overbearing (I’m NOT talking about girls who are just confident in themselves), they are actually slamming them for not being Queens. Because you see, being a Queen is also a responsibility. Think about a Queen of a country (medieval times, not a figurehead like Queen Elizabeth). The Queen was in charge of the castle. She supported him and offered him wisdom and counsel when he needed it. If the King was away at war, SHE was the one who protected the castle. She was supposed to be just but strict. She raised their children (with help from the maids sometimes). And, perhaps most importantly, she submitted to her husband.

I’ll elaborate on this later, in a separate post. But think about that, ladies. Why are you waiting to be treated like a Queen when you don’t know how to treat him like a King?


I’m Not Good Enough

Let me jump right in here. If you’ve read any of my previous posts from months ago, you know that I struggle with masturbation. So this post is largely about some wisdom that was spoken into my life regarding that lately.

I’ve been struggling with masturbation for over a year now. I go through cycles – long period of time with no masturbation, then a short period of time with lots of it. Semi-recently, I’ve come to a spot where many of you may or may not have been – I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough for God’s love. I’m not good enough for His forgiveness, for His grace. I keep sinning! And (if you remember my post about rebellion a ways back, or if you want to go read it) not only do I just keep sinning, I rebel against him. Most of the time when I masturbate any more, I send up a prayer ahead of time apologizing for what I’m about to do. So I keep sinning, and keep rebelling, and then I don’t want to pray. I mean, why would God want to hear from me? I can’t expect him to magically fix it if I’m not willing to put in work as well, and obviously I’m failing in that area. I’m tired of saying sorry and then going back to do it again. At this point, I felt dirty. I felt absolutely disgusting. And eventually, I put it at the edge of my mind because I was tired of considering it and not getting answers. But this past weekend, someone spoke some immense wisdom into my life.

David. David was wonderful, wasn’t he? We, as Christians, look up to him. Sure, the man had some flaws, but he was a man after God’s own heart!


God called David a man after his heart, knowing full well that David would commit adultery in the future. And not only would he commit adultery, he would then commit murder to cover it up. And still God said something that praised David so highly. This wisdom that was spoken into my life meant something to me. It wasn’t a life-changing, earth-shattering thing – you rarely know when those are going on, they usually seem super little at the time – but it meant something. What matters, Wisdom (I’m going to start referring to this person as Wisdom) told me, was where my heart was leaning towards. Was my heart following God?

Soloman was wise. He was blessed by God, he followed God, right? Well…until he fell into idolatry (1 Kings 11). God knew that Soloman would do that far before it ever happened.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a thing on Facebook (amazing, right? I saw a thing. Excuse me, I’ll continue now). This passage that someone wrote spoke about the disciples. It’s message was about judging people who may cuss or do other things that don’t seem Christian after they were saved, and their points apply here as well. (By the way, to give credits, this was by Preston Sprinkle on faithit.com)

We all admire the disciples, right? Especially Peter. Well, he had that one bad stint where he denied Jesus (I’m sensing a pattern here…) but other than that, he was pretty close to Jesus! In Luke 9, he was the one who recognized Jesus as the Son of God. Peter denied Jesus and even cursed himself to prove it (Matthew 26:74). Also in Luke 9, James and John wanted to destroy a whole village because they did not welcome Jesus. Simon “the Zealot” (according to Preston Sprinkle, I have not checked this information) and all the other zealots were basically “Jewish jihadists” who killed people. And Matthew was a tax-collector. I like how Preston Sprinkle described this; he said it would be like “you found out that your childhood friend was making a living…funneling money to ISIS” (side note, if you can look up this article, you should. Preston Sprinkle does a good job putting this information into modern, easy-to-understand terms and the whole article was really good thoughts). That’s five of the disciples right there who would be the LAST people you’d imagine being great Christians, and Jesus chose them as his disciples. In Luke 9 (again) it says that the disciple argued about who was the greatest at one point. Can you imagine that conversation? “Murderer!” “Backstabber!” “Hotheads!”. I can’t help but remember when Jesus said “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the ill”. There are times I almost wish I didn’t grow up in a Christian family, that I knew the dirt of the world, because then I’d be able to understand God’s grace so much better. But I wonder how much harder my life would have been.

So, yeah, I’m not good enough. But Jesus didn’t associate with those who were “good enough” (we see the pharisees as prideful, bad people, but in that day they were the people who were “good enough”). Jesus associated with the people that would make many Christians today recoil. He associated with the people whose faith would be questioned in today’s world. He associated with those people. So the biggest thing I should worry about is whether or not my heart is chasing God.

You’re not good enough either. That’s okay. Neither were the disciples. Neither was David. Neither was Soloman.

Females Today, Part 2


Refresher: the last post was about makeup and how it can affect and control girls. It was also my “series” intro (this “series” may only be 2 parts) about how 1) girls view themselves and 2) how society views them. This post will be about the latter. Where do I even start?

Sometimes Facebook is okay. It can be a good source to learn random information and offers a way to connect with friends and family. However, so often I see posts or memes (I’m not sure what they’d be called) that are not okay. And what makes me mad the most are those posts/memes/whatevers on a plain white background with the cartoonish figure on them – usually a sassy girl with brown hair, although she has a variety of expressions and other characters sometimes take her place. Those things really irritate me, because they spread so many lies and negativity and everything else. So below, I’m going to list a few and an abbreviated version of what their message says to me:

“I don’t care how complicated this gets, I still want you” – You are so important you’re becoming the focus of my life instead of friends or family (or God)

“Stalking my posts won’t tell you anything. I could post “I’m so upset” and be talking about how someone ate the last of the mac and cheese” – Apparently I have nothing better to do or anything more important to worry about than mac and cheese and I’m not speaking anything valuable into the world (I apologize a little for that one, it sounds harsh and I’m not trying to be mean, but for so many people that really is all they worry about. Having fun with something is fine, but it shouldn’t be so important)

“You think you’re hot but you’re just room temperature” – Anybody sound jealous? Apparently I get to decide whether or not you look good and what exactly your attitude and actions and words mean. Because apparently I know you better than you do.

“When he thinks you’re crazy but he has no idea how much” – Now it’s okay to be crazy and not act like a decent human being? And it’s even applauded!?

“Don’t make me pretend to know karate on you” – Because why? You like drama?

“When you accidentally pour too much alcohol into your mixed drink but you have to tough it up because momma didn’t raise a quitter” – Hopefully doesn’t apply to Christians, but moral: peer pressure tops wise decisions.

“Hello it’s me…I was wondering if I could get a grade above a C” – Sure – go study. If you already are, you probably aren’t asking this question.

“It takes the right guy to show you how wrong the douchebag was” – Number 1, if you’re Christian (or smart), hopefully you didn’t get so involved with a douchebag that he hurt you so bad you remember it and it affects you so much years later (waaayyy too much power). But okay, things happen. So now…there’s comparison. And a focus on dating. And mentally putting someone else down. And putting someone else on a pedestal of expectations.

Now, I realise I just stepped on some (or a lot of) toes. And in some instances, these can be taken as jokes with a friend. But largely? If they have these seperate posts, it means they’re mainstream. And not all of these posts are directed at girls…a lot of them are supposed to represent girls, or represent an idea that would apply. You see so much of this. About how crazy girls are, about their clever revenge for cheating boyfriends, about how fickle they are. There’s a post that describes a conversation between a girl and santa where it’s implied that getting a unicorn is more realistic than getting a boyfriend. And this is the part I really want to focus on.

Lately there’s been a lot of flak about how guys objectify girls. While I agree it’s wrong, I also think that society is encouraging it even while it professes to be resisting it. Also, God made guys to be attracted to a girls’ body and he charged girls with dressing modestly(1 Timothy 2:8-10. The less you dress, the more you’re inviting yourself to be objectified. Objects don’t wear clothes for a reason. I’m not saying that guys don’t carry a lot of the blame too, but I think the girls’ role is underscored in society (1 Corinthinans 10:32)(Song of Songs/Soloman 7) because society isn’t following God and his commands. So now let me refocus briefly on a summary of how society perceives a woman.

They are expected to party, be crazy, and cheat. They are expected to focus on men and are seen as irrational and dramatic. They are expected to be selfish and lazy or powerhungry and driven. Or both. Today, society seems to have lost it’s ability to view woman with dignity. In fact society as a whole seems to have lost it’s dignity! What happened to the girls who were calm and collected, who cared for others and were softhearted. What happened to a girl who was modest and patiently waited for marriage and stuck with it through the hard times. What happened to girls who work hard and stand in the face of society and laugh in the face of peer pressure. What happened to those girls!?

In reality? They’re around us. They’re closer than we know. But how many of them have we lost because of society? When I think of the number of girls giving away their dignity, I imagine a field of fallen figures dressed in white, blood staining their clothes. The sky is overcast, and similarly dressed figures stand panting. They wear no armor. Their long hair flows down their back, and they hold swords in front of them. They’re panting, their breath steaming in the cold air as they prepare for the next battle…as they prepare for the next wave of monsters, unaware of their own poor existence and tricked into attacking and killing the girls by a force greater than them. And every once in a while, a subtle glow will fall like drifting rain onto a dark figure, and they will suddenly become aware, and under the consistent rain they will transform into a shining warrior eager to fight. Can you imagine? Society throws attacks at us everywhere we turn. That is why I cannot emphasize having godly friends enough – they give you strength, they empower you, and they don’t let you throw down your sword because you are weary. This is important. Eventually, one who fights alone will fall. Together, though, their power is multiplied.

One more thing, and consider it a/the (condensed) main idea. I mentioned the santa conversation above. That conversation is so degrading. It mocks and makes fun of girls who don’t have boyfriends, as though that gives them their worth. This is scattered all over the place. Every time someone makes a joke about being single, they’re making fun of themselves and essentially putting themselves down. The same with food being all-important. All these girls are trying to say “I’m independent, ha! Look at me!” But in reality they’re whispering “Yes, look at me. I’m worth it. I’m different. Give me a chance, please. Give me my worth, either by accepting you or denying you. Give me power to build my identity.” That’s sad. That is so unbelievably sad, and it doesn’t just happen with boys.

Finishing thoughts. I know there are exceptions to all of this, but look at the heart of my message, please. Try to understand. I know stuff happens. I know life suckerpunches all of us and I know we stumble and fall sometimes. I know we slip into stuff without realizing it sometimes. This isn’t about those sometimes. This is about those people who don’t even realize what they’re doing or who can’t stop. This is about the people so entrapped by society’s lies that they can’t get out. We need to help these people. We need to bring our fallen comrades back to life. Death is the only too late. It’s never too late until death.